It's important to take the time at the start of every new project to understand your objectives and contraints, map out what content will be included and identify specific calls to action. This is also an opportunity for us to explore different ways you can communicate with your customers.

Wireframe & Sitemap

A wireframe is the blueprint that defines the different page layouts and where content will appear. Its flexibility lets us quickly test out ideas and move things around before progressing to a mockup.

A sitemap lists the pages required and indicates where they should be in the website structure.




Due to the increasing number of devices people now use to access the internet, it no longer makes sense to have a different site for each specific screen size. Instead, we build one website that responds to the device it's being viewed on by dynamically rearranging the content so it looks great for every single visitor. You can see responsive design in action now by resizing your browser window!

Websites are no longer restricted to using just a handful of web-safe fonts and we can now choose from thousands of styles to dramatically improve the visual impact of your site.


If you don't already have a logo, brand colours or fonts your website will need them.

We use your logo and branding to create a palette of colours that will keep your site consistent and select fonts that set the right tone for you.

We recommend using royalty and licence-free fonts such as Google Fonts and Font Squirrel.


We bring your colours, fonts and wireframe together to produce a bespoke website mockup for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

We offer two levels of design, both of which are elegant and professional – the difference in prices reflects how much time we allow and the number of revisions.

Pages & Content


Once you have approved the finalised mockup we begin the build – this is the stage where the mockup becomes a real, fully responsive and functional website.


Your Homepage is always the first page layout we create and includes the setup and configuration of Concrete5, as well as training in how to use it.

*Please note this is required for all new websites

Additional Page Layouts

All page layouts (even your Homepage) can be used again and again like cookie cutters to create as many pages as you need. They have all the structural and design elements in place and are ready for content to be added.



We can input all your content at a flat rate per page including text, images, videos, tables and contact forms.

Stock Image Sourcing

As a cost effective alternative to a photographer, we provide a stock image sourcing service based on your requirements, design and budget. Please note this does not include any usage fees for your chosen images.



Concrete5 makes adding all kinds of content quick and easy including videos and audio so we don't charge any extra to include these.

If you're looking to display a lot of media content, we recommend using image galleries, image sliders or video channels as appropriate. They all include setup and styling and can be used as many times as you like. Most importantly, all our media products are fully user editable.

Image Sliders

Commonly used for splash banners to highlight important content, our image sliders feature fully-editable titles and images as well as a range of slide transitions.

Our fully animated slider gives an option of advanced sequences of images and text.

Image Galleries

We offer a range of a image galleries to suit all purposes and are happy to advise on what will be most suitable for your content.


If you have a YouTube channel, we can embed it on your website as a gallery with lightbox-style overlay.

There is no charge to add individual videos as they are treated like regular content.

Social Media


Social media allows you to respond directly to your customers in new and exciting ways. Let them choose where they are most comfortable communicating with you by providing a portal to all of your networks in one place.

As with many of our products, we set up and style your social media blocks so they can be used multiple times throughout your site.


A fully-featured, responsive blog that's easy to use and entirely managed from within your site, this is one of the most effective things you can do to boost your SEO. Every blog includes:

  • A styled blog post layout
  • An overview page layout showing blog post summaries
  • All standard blocks such as tag clouds, archives and category lists
  • A news feed style block to promote your latest posts
  • Comment system with moderator dashboard

Social Networks

Social Media Links
Social media icons, Like buttons, Follow buttons, share buttons, whatever you need to grow your social network.

Social Media Feeds
Keep your visitors up to date and your site fresh with no extra effort.



We recommend MailChimp as the best way to produce and manage online newsletters and mailing lists. For full details please see our Newsletters Service here.

Signup Form
Fully styled signup form to add subscribers directly from your website.

Custom Template
A custom newsletter template designed to match your website and branding.

Newsletter Campaigns

Using your content, we create, format and send a newsletter or mailshot to your subscribers.



Many aspects of SEO happen during the build – we can optimise your content to help search engines recognise your keywords to give you the best chance of a great ranking. Once the site is built, we use the industry standard 'Google Pagespeed Insights' tool to help us provide highly optimised content with techniques such as compression, image optimisation, script minification etc.

Google recommends responsive web design as the best way to target mobile users, favouring mobile-optimised sites when presenting results for searches made on a mobile device which is why all our new sites are designed from a 'mobile-first' perspective.

On-site SEO

Our on-site SEO service covers a variety of best practises recommended by Google that positively impact your page ranking.


Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones, making it easier to target your ideal customers. We integrate your Analytics account with your website to activate tracking.



We recommend PayPal as it is simple to use, reliable and familiar, making it a great way to start selling online. It provides a very affordable method of selling your products with no subscription costs.

Please note you will need a verified PayPal account to receive payments.

Other Platforms
Sometimes Concrete5 isn't always the right platform to use. If you have a lot of products and customers we might recommend something more Ecommerce focused like Shopify or Opencart or embedded product feeds from marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

PayPal eShop

We create a Buy Now button for each product you want to sell which takes users directly to checkout on the PayPal site.

If you would like your customers to buy more than one product at a time, you should include a cart so they can check out everything in one transaction.


Ongoing Costs


The internet is constantly evolving and so are the tools we use to build and access it. We offer maintenance services to ensure your site is always working the way you expect with inclusive hours per month to keep it growing and up to date.

Please see Support Services for full details.

Hosting and Email

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. We offer a great value hosting package at a flat rate for unlimited space, bandwidth, databases and email addresses.

Hosting at £5 / month



Our maintenance package allows us to spend 1 hour each month assisting you with content or other changes/updates as well as monthly backups and platform and addon updates.

Maintenance at £25 / month




Give your visitors confidence by displaying the padlock icon using an SSL Certificate. Encryption is also becoming more important for SEO with Google ranking secure sights more highly.


Domain Registration

We can register as many domains as you need but all websites need at least one. If you have a domain registered elsewhere we can still set up your hosting.

Many other Top Level Domains are available, please enquire for prices.

Quote Summary


Please be advised that the figure given in the total is an estimate that is subject to change and not a guaranteed price.

All prices include VAT.

Send Your Quote

What happens next?

1. We will contact you to discuss your project in more detail and to ensure we have all the information we need to complete your quote.

2. We'll send you a finalised quote, project schedule and contract.

3. If you are happy to proceed, we'll get started on your project!



Something Different

If you've seen a website feature you're excited about that we haven't included here, tell us about it and we'll look into it for you – we like all our projects to include something challenging so we know they're good!